Anonymous asked:
wait I don't understand why they called you racist, I don't find any pic on your tumblr where is the N word being used

well i drew a pixel chibi drawing for my friend and she asked me to quote a GTA song on the picture which uses the n word a couple of times, but i dont think i ever posted it on tumblr, i did post it on deviantart but i have no idea how they found it..

Anonymous asked:
Jesus.. tumblr people are looking for a problem where anywhere, mostly making everything dramatic by themselves

exactly.. this is also why i’m starting to become inactive on tumblr, and yet even when i’m gone something happens

Anonymous asked:
why are ppl calling you racist lol

i made a request for my friend and in the picture she asked me to quote a song from GTA which had the n word in it a couple of times *shrug*

Anonymous asked:
please don't use the n-word if you're not black, that's really racist. >: people are talking about the one picture you drew where you used that word a couple of times.

i’m sorry i didnt mean to be offensive. That drawing was a request for a friend and she asked me to quote a song from GTA

Anonymous asked:
u use the n-word... girl if that ain't racist idk what is 😤

if you’re talking about a pixel drawing i made, it was a request from my friend who asked me to quote a song from GTA

Anonymous asked:
ur racist as fuck

what? okay i don’t understand what i did to be called a racist.

ok i havent made a dmmd fanart in a long time, have a wip of floating aoba head

Trash Twins

"are you fucking minking me?"

I have been thinking of Mink a nest made out of his dreads on his head, more comfy for Tori (Especially when it comes to travel)

"I will take you to my homeland"


She looked perfectly into the camera

she looked perfectly into eternity u mean